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Business-Scan (B-SCAN)  by P. Babiak, Ph.D. & R. D. Hare, Ph.D.
The B-Scan instrument is designed to identify developmental needs in management and supervisory staff.

The B-Scan assesses the degree to which a person responds to challenges to organizational responsibility and effectiveness as expressed in his or her behaviors, attitudes, and judgments.

Characteristics assessed are:

  • Personal Style (how an individual sees himself or herself and his or her attitude toward others),
  • Emotional Style (understanding of one's own feelings and emotions, those of others, and the way in which one uses that understanding in the business environment),
  • Organizational Effectiveness (what it takes to be a contributing member of an organization), and
  • Social Responsibility (how effectively an individual interacts with others).

In addition to a Self-report version, there is also a Supervisor version that includes similar characteristics which are rated by the individualís direct supervisor.


Sample: Employees in a business environment
Number of Items: Self-Report: 126;  Supervisor: 113
Administration Time: Approximately 15 minutes
Components: Self-Report and Supervisor (observer) Forms
Format: Paper-and-pencil; Online
Status: In development, research version available at this time
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